Dilmah在另一个开创性的倡议,斯里兰卡最公认的国际品牌,生产最好和最新鲜的锡兰茶,推出独家t -休闲概念在新德里,印度2016年7月20日在一个事件,它的创始人,美林j .费尔南多和他的儿子Dilhan费尔南多。合成与豪华的t -酒吧的氛围,方便位于可汗市场,各种各样的茶饮料,茶鸡尾酒等,冰茶从异国情调为德里常规茶饮;冒险和辨别味道;想试着从不同的地区茶。而新成立的由Dilmah t-Lounge茶爱好者提供了一个独特的茶经验,仔细计划菜单与法式薄饼、华夫饼干和奶酪蛋糕以及茶启发菜肴是为了赞美这个冒险而维持的,高档t-Lounge固有的情绪。Dilmah广受欢迎的t -酒吧的概念最早在2003年推动,及其在查塔姆街,t -休息室科伦坡是打开Dilmah进化领域的茶美食和开创了许多茶调酒术和其他维度,与厨师和调酒员合作。解决发射,Dilmah创始人美林j .费尔南多说;“我们很高兴与温暖的和我们已经收到在德里的积极回应。对我们来说,每个t-Lounge高潮的广泛的培训和我们所做的研究和开发Dilmah茶学院的几个月的创新与著名厨师和调酒员添加他们的专业知识,带来完美的杯茶与每个sip确保你很高兴。德里后,我们将着眼于开放其他媒体在选定的地点。 We look forward to delighting many more tea lovers in India via the exclusive tea experience at our lounge." Meanwhile the Venue Partner from VTA Alliance Delhi, India for the t- Lounge by Dilmah, Ashumi Jain added; "Dilmah t-Lounge was a dream we had wanted to bring alive for over an year now. I love their tea range and the entire concept along with their attention to detail to every small element that goes into making this a wonderful experience for the customers. I approached them last year and things just moved forward at a rapid pace since then. The love, appreciation and positive feedback that we have received today with the opening of the Dilmah t-Lounge is encouraging and motivates us to go the extra mile in delighting our tea patrons." Some of the distinguished guests present on the occasion were: Chef Manjeet Gill, Mr. M.R.K. Lenangal, Sri Lankan Deputy High Commissioner Shashi Bhandari, Aseem Chaudhary, Nishantha Wickramathanthri, Vijay Kumar Jain, Deepali Jain and Manoj Sharma. During the launch, the guests had the chance to experience the fine art of tea tasting as they were taken through the nuances of various tea flavours and the benefits associated with them.